About Our School

Accurate Driving School LLC has been devoted to serving Northeast Wisconsin's drivers education needs for the better part of a decade and are devoted to educating the area's teenagers on safe driving practices. We are a private and locally owned driver's education school offering instruction to teenagers as well as adults. All of our instructors are state certified and experienced in what they do with over 35 years of combined driver's education experience. We offer a clean and safe learning environment to help foster young minds. Our curriculum is carefully reviewed and frequently updated to provide the most relevant information to help prepare our students for being a licensed driver in the state of Wisconsin. Our curriculum also includes the the State of Wisconsin Motorists manual, the Drive right textbook, and many other informational teaching guides.

Meet Our Instructors 


Tim Eisenreich

Behind the Wheel Instructor

Classroom Instructor 

Tim Eisenreich is a licensed Drivers Education Instructor and is one of our Behind The Wheel Instructors who has taught over 3,500 students safe driving practices. Tim believes the more driving that takes place under well supervised conditions the better a driver will become. He has dedicated himself to teaching students safe driving skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. 


Jane Eisenreich

Classroom Instructor

Office Operations

Jane Eisenreich is a licensed Drivers Education Instructor and is one of our classroom instructors. She has a Masters degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin Stout and taught several years at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Jane has devoted her life to education, family, and enjoys instilling students with the knowledge they need to operate a vehicle safely on the road.